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2012 2nd World Mind Sports Games

On a regular daily basis / NewInBridge transmits videos giving impressions from the playing venue in Lille at the 2nd World Mind Sports Games in interviews with players and bridge personalities of all sports:


You will find detailed schedules for each sport on the website of IMSA. The schedule and results for bridge are available at the relevant WBF website. For Go check here EuroGoTV, the worlds' largest independent Go website.

Scroll down for our videos or check here for tons of great pictures made by Elisabeth van Ettinger for NewinBridge.


All weather pitch

Each of these variables and extra accessories will have an effect on the costs for the construction work, so it’s important to decide on a budget beforehand. All weather pitch cost we will be able to create a flexible quote which meets your requirements for playability and also suits your budget.

Sadly, Australia didn't make

Sadly, Australia didn't make it in this event.. hopefully in the next future.


When the closing ceremony

When the closing ceremony ended up on the 23rd of August, a job well-done to the winner of 11 medals (4 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze) who was the young Go team from Chinese Taipei. Also team Japan had it's own share in winning gold and silver as well as Canada and Singapore,both won bronze. - Jeffrey Nimer

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