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It’s all about timing

Wuxi (China), April 22nd, 2011

Lavazza (Bocchi-Madala, Duboin-Sementa) claimed the 2011 Yeh Bros Cup after having crushed Sweden in the finals by 160.5 to 66 IMPs. The result was already reached after 36 boards. At that point Sweden (Bertheau-Nyström, Fredin-Fallenius) conceded the match as it was completely useless to play the last twelve boards. Winning the Yeh Bros brought the Italians one hundred thousand US Dollars. The battle for bronze was won by Hampson. The Americans booked a clear victory over Japan: 86-10 over 24 boards.

The diagrammed board showes a heart game from the first segment of the final where Lavazza’s Norberto Bocchi displayed great timing. He made eleven tricks where, after a similar start of the play, his Swedish opponent at the other table went down.

Closed room
West        North         East         South
Duboin      Bertheau    Sementa  Nyström
1C            1H             Pass        4H
All Pass

Sementa kicked off with the C10 to the ace. Declarer took the diamond return with his king, ruffed a club in dummy and played the SK. West won the ace and returned another diamond to the queen. Again a club was ruffed in dummy (East pitching a spade) and a spade was ruffed in hand. Bertheau continued with the fourth round of clubs (East DJ), ruffed in dummy. When declarer ruffed a third spade in hand, Sementa overruffed the ten with the jack and returned a trump. Being trumpshort Bertheau had to accept down one.

Open room
West         North         East        South
Fredin        Bocchi       Fallenius  Madala
1C             1H             Pass        3C*
dbl        4H        All Pass
*four card fit, game invitational

Here East led the C10 as well. Fredin won the ace,  a diamond came back to the king. Bocchi played a spade to the jack. West took the queen, diamond to the ten, jack and ace. Declarer, who had paid carefully attention to the count signals of his opponents, crossed to hand with the DA, cashed the CK and ruffed a club in dummy (East a spade). Bocchi ruffed a spade in his hand, ruffed another club in dummy, ruffed a spade high in hand, ruffed another club. He finally turned up with eleven tricks: three diamonds, CK, four trumps in dummy and three trumps in hand. Timed well and an 11-IMP gain.  



Yeh Cup

Brilliant Norberto Bocchi who smashed Sweden alone, he had the right bid at the right time

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