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Valérie and Alain Labaere on lead in Deauville

Deauville (France), July 24th, 2011

After three out of a total of four sessions Valérie and Alain Labaere are on lead in the Open Pairs tournament in Deauville. With a striking average of more than 64% the Belgium couple took the top position from Michel Bessis and Paul Chemla who currently are in second place. Today the finals are played in this popular and elegant bridge festival which is held for the 53rd time (!) on the west coast of France.

Next week kicks off with the Patton with will last for three days, followed by a one-day Messieurs/Dames paires. The festival will be concluded with the mixed-pair tournament of three days next weekend.

The Deauville tournament started in 1968 as a follow-up to the the World Bridge Olympiad held in the same seaside resort. Since then champions from strong bridge nations are invited to play 'Le Tournoi des Champions' which is held during the festival. The playing venue is the splendid Casino Lucien Barrière. After two out of seven sessions Lantaron and Godet from Spain are on top of the leader board in this invitational. Second place is for Chemla (again) and Lévy from France.


thats great news belgium

thats great news belgium couple took the top position..congrats
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congratulations Valérie and

congratulations Valérie and Alain Labaere
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I think that the the festival

I think that the the festival will be one of the great because is is concluded with the mixed-pair tournament of three days next weekend.
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The Tournament of Champions, held during the festival. They play the site is the magnificent Casino Lucien Barrière.
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Deauville tournament began in 1968 as a follow-up of the World Bridge Olympiad was held in the resort itself. Since then, solid bridge Nations champions are invited to play
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