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Textbook Play-of-the-Day in Gold Cup

London (UK), December 10th, 2012

Last weekend Team Allfrey (Alexander Allfrey-Andrew Robson, David Gold-Tony Forrester, Peter Crouch-Derek Patterson) has won the 2012 Gold Cup, the most prestigious British Knock Out Teams of Four Championship. In a 64-board final Allfrey defeated De Botton by 169-156. In the semi-finals Allfrey beat Cope by 132 to 128 and De Botton defeated Chisnall by 187 to 104. With his victory Tony Forrester equalled the record of the legendary Boris Schapiro. Both players won the Cup for the 11th time.

In the final, four boards before the end, De Botton trailed 24 IMPs. Then the team made a desperate attempt to turn the match by bidding a Grand (diagrammed board).


With a success rate of little over 50 percent the slam is reasonable but not great. The play is typically textbook as skillfully demonstrated by David Burn, the declarer.
South kicked off with S10. Declarer took in dummy, played another trump to his king and then first played three rounds of diamonds. As it turned out the suit was 4-2 divided but as the hand with the doubleton diamond had only two trumps, declarer was able to ruff the fourth diamond in dummy. Having done so Burn crossed to hand with CA, drew the last trump and pitched his losing heart on the third club. Plus 2210 meant 13 IMPs on the board while at the other table Forrester-Gold rested in 6S.


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