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Bocchi-Madala in Poland

Warsaw (Pol.), January 7th, 2014

Grzegorz Narkiewicz (Louk Herber)

After the first stage of the Polish Premier League is on top with Konkret Chelmno as the runners-up. The first four teams qualify for semi-finals resulting into a final of two teams. has the right to pick its opponent for the semi-finals but has not decided yet.

The Polish competition can be considered as extremely strong. Almost all the stars from Poland are participating but also world-class pairs such as Bocchi-Madala ( and Gromov-Dubinin (Ruch Wroclaw).  In the round robin fielded Buras-Narkiewicz, Kwiecien-Pszczola, Gawel-Jagniewski and Piotr Tuczynski.

It is expected that Bocchi and Madala will join the team in the (semi-)finals.


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