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German Bridge World Champs banned for life

Dallas (TX), March 28th, 2014

German Seniors win gold at Bali WC 2013 (Elisabeth van Ettinger)

Dr. Michael Elinescu and Dr. Entscho Wladow, both members of the German Team who won the gold medal in the dā€™ Orsi Seniors Bowl at the 2013 World Bridge Championships in Bali, Indonesia, have been found guilty of reprehensible conduct by a special Commission instituted by the World Bridge Federation. The Commission, in a hearing in Dallas held on the 21st and 22nd of March 2014, imposed the following sanctions: a. Elinescu and Wladow shall be banned from playing together in any WBF organised championship or competition for life; b. Elinescu and Wladow shall be each individually banned from playing in a WBF organised championship or competition for a period of 10 years; c. Elinescu and Wladow are ordered to pay the cost of the above mentioned hearing. According to the Commission it was proven that Elinescu and Wladow communicated in an inappropriate way during the finals at Bali WC when the pair played against USA2. By way of coughing the pair ā€“ when on lead - was able to signal shortness ā€“ if any ā€“ in one or more of the suits. In a first reaction from the German side it seems likely that the German Bridge Federation and/or Elinescu and Wladow will appeal against the WBF ruling.

Check: excel-sheet.pdf and extract_of_the_ruling.pdf



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