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Lorenzo Lauria Waits For Judge

Rome (It.), August 29th, 2015

Lorenzo Lauria (Louk Herber)

With regard to Boye Brogeland’s initiative to vacate US National titles,  Lorenzo Lauria – member of team Cayne – has released the following statement to Neapolitan Club and NewInBridge: ‘For the time being I don’t intend to vacate our title recently won in Chicago (Spingold 2015). I think we deserved it because our teammates Cayne and Seamon did not touch a wrong card from start to finish, always bringing back a good list. Alfredo and me played really well too. During the final Alfredo and I played four rounds, where the Israelis played two and rather underperformed. We cannot generalise: if the sport judge will trial the Israelis and will find suspicious hands in this tournament, Alfredo and I will accept that the title will be taken from us.’

Laura Camponeschi (NC/NiB)

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