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Silence Broken

Ramat Gan (Isr.), September 2nd, 2015

Lotan Fisher (l.) and Ron Schwartz

After a fortnight of cheating accusations Ron Schwartz and Lotan Fisher finally broke silence. As an answer to the website the Israeli pair launched a Facebook page ‘Ron Schwartz and Lotan Fisher aren’t cheaters’ where Schwartz and Fisher defend their actions on much discussed hands. They explained for instance why Ron Schwartz picked up Jack-fourth of trumps playing 6D against the Netherlands last year at the European Team Championships in Opatija: “The CA-lead, declarer’s side suit, looked suspect.” Schwartz and Fisher also don’t understand the fuzz about leading a heart from K-9-x after 2NT-3NT: “Brogeland did the same at the other table.” Meanwhile posts on are coming in that the cheating code has been broken. At the same time Boye Brogeland, who initiated the anti-cheating campaign, has been threatened to sue by Schwartz and Fisher for 1 million dollars on the basis of false accusations.

Pressrelease by Avital Sahar, Media Advisor to Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz: sahar-doc.pdf
Letter to Boye Brogeland by the laywer of Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz:letter_to_mr_boe_brogeland.pdf




Proving a negative

Like thousands of bridge afficionados my partner and I have examined many of the so called evidentiary hands.
I am glad to see y'all presenting your side of the story.
A lesson learned at the knee of my father is that there is always another side of the story.

Fairly or unfairly y'all are having to prove a negative.

Good luck

Other accusers?

What about Michel Bessis, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist, and Richie Schwartz?

Will they also be threatened?

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