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uBid is an app on bidding developed by NewInBridge and is meant for smartphones and tablets. With uBid you practice and improve your bidding skills. You may bid 24/7 as many hands as you like with multiple partners at the same time.

uBid is great fun. The hands are and will be designed by a team of world bridge champions and star rated (***World Class, **Good, *Fair). Bridge players of distinct levels: basic, intermediate, expert, can enjoy the benefits of uBid. All boards are archived and can be shared with partners, tutors and pupils. Last but not least: with uBid you bid with partners of flesh and blood, no robots involved!


uBid is available for iOS and for Android. Download uBid and install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Then invite a partner from your address book or send an email to a new partner. This is an in-app procedure, pre-arranged for your convenience. Just be sure that you and your partner(s) are registered as member of NewInBridge. In-app we guide you.

Downloading uBid works best directly from your smartphone or tablet.




Free trial playing time

  •  All users start with one month of free playing time

Payment after free period

  • We will ask for payment only if you choose to continue using uBid.
  • In-app you can decide to buy for one month or for one year.
  • We do not charge automatically, no surprises!


  • In-app you find your local currency: Tap on the Time icon.


Be assured that we take a keen interest in your opinion on uBid. So please keep give us your opinion and feedback under the sections 'How can we improve?' / 'Bridge matters / 'Technical issues'. You find these sections at the top of this page. Please note that we are continuously improving uBid.

Happy Bidding!

Jan van Cleeff