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Terms, Conditions and Privacy

Unlimited bidding with unlimited partners

  • With uBid you can bid numerous hands simultaneously with multiple partners.

Free trial playing time

  • All users start with one month of free playing time

Payment after free period

  • We will request payment when you choose to continue using uBid.
  • In-app you can decide to buy for one month or one year.
  • We do not charge automatically, no surprises!


  • In-app the price is in your local currency. Go to the uBid homepage and tap on the Time icon.

Availability of hands

  • Hands are randomly assigned, hand picked and rated by two world champions.
  • We continuously create hands from an abundant pool of hands. Therefore it is very unlikely that you bid the same hand more than once.
  • We will frequently monitor the need for new hands and design more hands if necessary to reduce the re-use of hands.

Quality of service

  • Our service has been tested for  a period of 3 months by hundreds of users. During this period there was no outage and the service worked fine. A limited number of issues were reported by the test group  and quickly fixed by our support team.
  • The software is developed by an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The service is provided "as is" because it is dependent of many components (device, internet, wireless transmission, message system) which are not under the control of NewInBridge.


  • Personal data is not shared with third parties.
  • The NewInBridge support team has access to the chat logs.