By November 15, 2021 uBid will be out of business

NewInBridge BV, the owner of the uBid app has decided to stop its operation by  Nov 15, 2021.  Bad news for our loyal customers and ourselves.

uBid started about 7 years ago and we worked hard year after year to improve the product with a team of great developers, bridge experts and volunteers.

Our ideas were original and at the start of development unique.

In these years milion of contracts were finished and the average skill level increased considerably.

We got positive feedback from many users, but due to side-effects of the pandemic (two star developers not available any more ) and increasing running costs NewInBridge is not able to continue funding.

We will stop abruptly indeed, but in an orderly fashion and and we already started the refund process. Which is as of today is completed for about 80%.  Please contact us via email below in case your are not yet refunded 

There are plans to donate our server side code as open source to the public domain.
So may be in the future our ideas will be picked up by someone.

The database with user profiles and games and will be destroyed as by December 1 2021.

You can contact us via ubid@newinbridge.com or via (?) Support :  See the blue button right at the bottom of the screen.
We received many cordial messages for which we thank our customers
  • “Ik vind het echter jammer dat jullie gaan stoppen”
  • “Jammer dat jullie moeten stoppen. Mijn partner en ik hebben veel plezier gehad aan uBid.”
  • I was extremely sorry to see that the uBid facility is coming to an end. It has been the source of much interest, learning and pleasure for me over the last couple of years, and I shall miss it.   Of course I quite understand the difficulties but it would be great if there were someone out there who would be able to get it going again sometime in the future.  Meanwhile thank you and everyone involved for working so hard on it
  • My partner  and I have learned a lot from our practice on uBid.  It also gave us confidence in bidding in real games.  Thank-you very much for all the work you did in putting it together and maintaining it.
  • This is very sad news. I love your product!
  • So sorry to hear you have to close.
  • Thank you for creating and exploiting this app.
  • Jammer dat jullie moeten stoppen.
  • What was great about it-we worked on bidding every day for about 30 minutes and the rest of the time focused on defense and declarer play. So it kept our bidding fresh. You know how easy it is to forget something if it doesn’t come up!. 
  • Jammer dat er zo een einde komt voor/aan uBid. Heb altijd plezierig gespeeld en met jullie samengewerkt.
  • Dat is jammer om te horen. Dank voor het plezier dat mijn bridge partner enn ondergetekende al die jaren hebben gehad.

NewInBridge Nov 11, 2021