Plans and Pricing

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For new users: Bid demo games with Berend
Unlimited hands & partners
Improved scoring
Chat with partner
Share results with friends in PDF
Invite recent partner
Sort on Partner, Time, Dealset, unRead chats
Reload hand(s) to fix internet issues
Archive hands to improve performance on device
Submitting helpdesks requests in-app
Improved manual download here
Remove partnerships and hands
Remove hands per partner
Annual subscribers can grant a number of  partners 3 months free premium playing time read more one two three
BRIDGE CONTENT Continously improved and extended
uBasic conventions for starters
uStandard conventions for intermediates
uAdvanced topics for experts
uStandard BidBook download here
uRandom challenges for pairs  (16 boards per week) 
uMatch challenges for individuals (top player as partner)
uLEARN FUNCTIONS For content you have access to
uBid monitors your auction
Tap bid to get explanations
Get hinted
Turn Hints On or Off
Set theme scope per partner
Monitor your progress
Enter your own preferred auction per theme
Replay hands
uBid monitors preferred auction
PRICING $/€ *)
Per year  19.99 29.99 39.99
Per Year Intro for new users  15.99 23.99 31.99
Per 3 months  4.99 7.49 10.99
Per 3 months intro price for new users  3.99 5.99 8.99

* your local currency

Which plan to select?

uBid offers flexibiity to select the plan that fits you the best.

uBid includes package dependant eLearn functionality in the form of hints, explanations, learn more consider another bid  and set themescope functions.

Any subscriber has access to  the star-rated contract scores of any type of hand.

uBid offers three themed content types uBasic  (targeted for starters) and uStandard and uAdvanced for intermediates and experts .

eLearn functions  are specific to packages
For instance a subscriber to uBid Classic gets access to eLearn functions for uBasic hands only.

All subscribers can bid on uRandom & uMatch boards  which gives you the opportunity to compare your results with other players

Compare plan regarding access to content, functionality and entitlements to grant a partner.

Package details uBasic


per week

Functions uGrants
uBid Classic elearn contract scores contract scores Standard 1
uBid Plus elearn elearn contract scores 16 soon to be

extended to 32

Standard 2
uBid Premium elearn elearn elearn 16 soon to be

extended to 64

Build and practice

your own system




As an annual subscriber you are entitled to grant up to three friends three months extra playing time.

A player can be granted only once. You can grant players that new or are expired  from a subscription.

An example 

Bill and Jane have enjoyed uBid in their free playing month.

Bill subscribes to uBid Premium Annual, grants Jane and two other friends for three months playing time.