Themes and Coaches

uBid 3.0 has a great e-learning tool built in. Hands can belong themes which
could be answers, overcalls, support doubles or other conventions after the opening bid.
You can adapt uBid to your preferences:
Set your preferred learning experience in uBid

  • When you start a new hand, uBid will select randomly a theme out of all themes available to you.
    But you can tell uBid also to select hands from a limited set of themes by updating the so called themecope.
    Useful: when you want to quickly master specific themes. 
  • Per partner you can set themescopes
    Useful: when want to adapt needs or preferences of multiple partners 
  • Themed hands have an suggested auction which will lead (according to the theme author) to the optimal contract
    You can tell uBid to provide hints and explanation and intervent when you defer from the suggested auction
    Useful: in the beginning learning phase. 
  • When you differ from the suggested auction uBid will ask you to “consider another bid”
    Useful: to learn  a way how the optimal contract could be reached
    No worry you can just ignore uBid’s suggestion and go your own way.
  • You can also tell uBid to set off hints, explanations and interventions
    Useful: to test your skills without any external help
  • After the bidding is finished you’ll receive a scoring and get to see uBid’s suggested auction.
    uBid Premium user can overwrite uBid’s suggested auction by storing partnerships peferred auction.
    Useful: when you want to implement your own system in uBid 

Virtual Coaches

  • You can practice conventions with your partners, but also with a virtual coach.
    Useful if you can’t find a partner which is commited to excercise with you
    Bidding with a virtual coach means though that you should bid according the suggested auction
    Every main convention segment (uBasic,uStandard etc) has virtual coaches 
    For your convenience they are already added to your partner list.

Plans that meet your need

Depending on which plan you have got, you can practice basic, standard or advanced conventions.

  • uBid Classic  offers the possibility to practice uBasic conventions such as Stayman and Jacoby.
  • uBid Plus  Is part of uBid Plus and allows you to practice uBasic and uStandard conventions, such as Drury and Puppet Stayman.
  • uBid Premium  offers you the possibility to enter and practice your own conventions. Moreover you will get access to uAdvanced bidding themes for advanced and expert players

uBasic conventions  

uBasic is a system within uBid, part of the uBid Classic plan and a great bidding system, especially developed for bridge starters and players wanting to improve their elementary bidding. uBasic contains thousands of hands, especially developed for new players.

The comments are based on the based on 4-card major or 5-card major what ever you prefer.
uBasic has therefore two coaches bidding under the names ubasic4m-coach ubasic5m-coach
respectively bidding according 4card Major and 5card Major. You will find these coaches in MyPartners.


Main Themes Sub Themes Status
4card Major Bidding with a direct fit

Bidding without s direct fit
Competive bidding

Available now
5card Major Bidding with a direct fit

Bidding without s direct fit
Competive bidding

Available now
NT Openings 1 NT openings

2 NT openings

Too weak for NT opening
Too strong for NT opening

Available now
Strong openings 2C opening with single suit

2C opening balanced

2D/H/S Semi Game Forcing

Available now
Weak opmings bids Premeptive openings bids Available now
Overcalls & doubles Standard overcalls
Take-out doubles
Jump overcalls (strong)
Available now

uStandard conventions 

uStandard is based on a modern bidding system and is perfectly suited for people that are playing bridge for a while. It is based on 5 card major, 15-17 NT but you can practice with it even if you are playing another system. After each board you will get a scoring (0-3 stars). All boards including the results, suggested auctions, hints, explanations are developed by Berend van den Bos, a bridge expert from the Netherlands.

Berend van den Bos is member of the Dutch Open Bridge Team and became Youth World Champion in 2011 and 2012.
He’s a fan of modern bidding and developed uStandard accordingly.

uStandard has one virtual coach which is instructed by Berend van den Bos and is bidding under the nickname
uSt-coach. See in MyPartners.

Main Themes Sub Themes Status
3M opening Slam interest Available now
1M vs. 4M opening Fit in other Major Available now
Opponents open 4M or 5m How to bid Available now
2NT opening Slam interest,
Breaking the Transfer
Available now
Opponents open 1M Slam interest,
2m overcall
Available now
Opponents open Weak 3 Slam interest,
Leaping Michaels,
5 level decision,
When 3NT is an option,
Take-out double
Available now
Opponents open 1m Two suiter Available now
1NT opening Splinter,
5-5 majors invite,
Slam interest
Available now
2C opening 2NT second negative,
Puppet Stayman,
Available now
1m opening Reverse,
Slam interest,
2NT invitational,
3NT with majorfit,
3NT in the right hand,
2NT rebid,
3m rebid,
Passed Partner
Available now
1M opening 1NT response,
Opponent bids in sandwich,
Opponents overcall,
Available now
Opponents open Weak 2 Take-out double,
Opponents support each other,
No game interest,
Leaping Michaels
Available now
Weak 2 No game interest,
Slam interest
Available now

uAdvanced Conventions 

The uAdvanced Conventions are authored by by bidding guru Eric Rodwell who is multiple world champion.

Eric is a virtiual coach and bids under the name uadvanced-coach and is added to your partner list.


uBid hands for books
published by

Learn More Book 1 & 2
lThemes Status
Mixed Raises Available now
Serious 3NT Available now
Cappelletti Available now
Last Train Available now
Support Doubles and Redoubles Available now
New Minor Forcing (2-way) Available now
Inverted Minors Available now
Roman Keycard Available now
Smolen Available now
4th Suit Forcing Available now
1NT > Minor Transfer Available now
4th Seat 07-Oct-19
Strong 2C 14-Oct-19
Lebensohl 21-Oct-19
Ogust 28-Oct-19
Exclusion Lackwood 04-Nov-19
Flannery 11-Nov-19