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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Voodoo Play-of-the-Day

Barbados Beach Club (Bar.), May 23, 2015 WBF Zone 5 – the Central American and Caribbean Bridge Federation – migth be considered as the Voodoo Zone where interesting and sometimes very strange things occur at the bridge table. Your editor has the pleasure doing staffwork for 5 consecutive CABF Zonal Championships. We are just about to... read more

Fireman Is USA2 In India

Schaumburg, Il. (USA), May 18, 2015 Paul Fireman-Gavin Wolpert, John Hurd-Joel Wooldridge, John Kranyak-Vince Demuy ran away with the 2015 USBC in the final three segments, to defeat Diamond (John Diamond - Brian Platnick, Kevin Bathurst-Justin Lall, Eric Greco-Geoff Hampson) in the Finals of the 2015 USBC. Fireman will be USA2 for... read more
Fireman Is USA2 In India (USBF)
Fisher-Schwartz Not In Bermuda Bowl

Fisher-Schwartz Not In Bermuda Bowl

Tel Aviv (Isr.), May 11, 2015 After months of discussions and negotiations it is official: Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz will not represent their country Israel in the upcoming Bermuda Bowl to be held September/October in Chennai, India. This news may come as a shock for the bridge world as Fisher-Schwartz nowadays is to be... read more

Doctors Case Not Over Yet

Frechen-Königsdorf (Ger.), May 10, 2015 Further to our post from last Thursday: On May 7th 2015 at the Landgericht Köln, Germany the points of view of all parties in the lawsuit from the doctors against the WBF and DBV were discussed in detail. The Court expects before June 18th the final explanations by all three parties: the doctors as... read more
Doctors Case Not Over Yet

Ben's Big Swim

London (Eng.), May 09, 2015 Ben Green, who captained and coached the England Open Bridge Team and who represented his country on many occasions as a player, will be swimming 20km in order to raise money for Child Brain Research. As a trustee Ben knows that these funds will be put to good use in promoting research into child... read more

Doctors Fight In Court

Frechen-Königsdorf (Ger.), May 07, 2015 With reference to the cheeting case of Dr. Elinescu and Dr. Wladow, the website of the German Bridge Federation published the following message (translated):QuoteOn April 9th 2015 the doctors' claim for a provisional measure (immediate lifting the ban for all DBV events) was rejected by the... read more
Doctors Fight In Court
Hinden Wins 2015 Spring Fours (EBU)

Close Win Hinden In Spring Fours Finals

Stratford-upon-Avon (En), May 06, 2015 The Schapiro Spring Fours has been won by Frances Hinden, Jon Cooke, Graham Osborne (Cambs & Hunts) and Jeffrey Allerton (Surrey). The second seeds went undefeated throughout the competition, defeating in the final the 8th seeded Vitas team: Lotan Fisher, Ron Schwartz (both Israel), Vitas... read more