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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Sjoert Brink (Louk Herber)


Monte Carlo (Mon.), September 02, 2014 The Monaco Cavendish is underway. Traditionally it starts with the teams event. After the first day of this small but very strong event two teams are on lead: Eidi (Michel Eidi-Vassil Vroustis, Michel and Thomas Bessis) and Real (Sjoert Brink-Bas Drijver, Andrei Gromov-Alexander Dubinin, Evgeny... read more

'Broadcasting Discussed in Sanya’

Lausanne (Sw.), September 01, 2014 Further to the matter of internet broadcasting of matches organized by the World Bridge Federation, Mr. Gianarrigo Rona, the President of the WBF, informed NewInBridge as follows:”I can say that the entire matter of broadcasting will be discussed and decided by the Executive Council in October in... read more
Gianarrigo Rona
German Front Failed

German Front Failed

Berlin (Ger.), August 31, 2014 Last month a political front was born opposing the current President of DBV - and teammate of Dr. Wladow and Dr. Elinescu -  Ulrich Wenning , and some other DBV members for their way of handling the Elinescu-Wladow Affaire (The ‘Bali Coughing Incident’). The front advocated a change of the... read more

Tarnowsky Takes Israeli Cup By 1 IMP

Ra'anana (Is.), August 31, 2014 Three segments of 14 boards decided that the Tarnovsky Team are the new Israeli Cup holders. In a close match Tarnovsky won the finals against the team of Stern Levi by 1 IMP difference. Bar Tarnovsky played with Ron Pachtman, Ehud Friedlander, Inon Liran and Meliane Sigal. Stern Levy played with... read more
Tarnowsky Takes Israeli Cup
Kalita-Nowosadzki v. Dubinin-Gromov

Poles take it all

Warshaw (Pol.), August 30, 2014 The Palace Cup Top 16 in Warshaw was a glorious Polish success. In spite of the participation of some world class pairs from abroad the top three finishers were all Polish. In the end Jacek Kalita and Michael Nowosadzki trumphed being the runners-up for the first two days just behind Simon de... read more


Warsaw (Pol.), August 29, 2014 Today the final stage is played in the Palace Cup Top 16 held at ‘Centrum Konferencyjno-Wystawiennicze Pałac Prymasowski in Warsaw (Poland), with the support of Casino Palace and bridge.24. The Top 16 is participated by quite a few international superstars. So far Simon de Wijs and Bauke Muller,... read more
Dennis Bilde (Elisabeth van Ettinger)
Palace Cup-2014


Warshaw (Pol.), August 28, 2014 From August 26 till 29, 2014 the Palace Cup is held at ‘Centrum Konferencyjno-Wystawiennicze Pałac Prymasowski in Warsaw (Poland), with the support of Casino Palace and bridge.24. The main event is the invitational tournament Top-16 with the participation of world stars like Balicki, Bertheau,... read more