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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Team Stoichkov wins Russian Teams (Anton Osipov)


Moscow (R.), September 14, 2014 This weekend the Russian Team Championship has been decided in Moscow. After a round robin of 12 matches a final between the two top finishers was won by Team Stoichkov: Kholomeev-Semenov (Russia), Lauria-Versace (Italy) and Van den Bos-Van Lankveld (The Netherlands). Stoichkov booked a clear... read more

Countdown World Mind Games Online

Paris (Fr.), September 11, 2014 SportAccord begins the countdown to the launch of the 4th edition of the World Mind Games Online Tournament on the 15th of September. The tournament, featuring bridge, chess and go, is being organized by SportAccord in partnership with RSportz, the community-based global sports network and online... read more
Countdown to World Mind Games Online
Gregorz Narkiewicz and Kryzstof Buras in Monaco

Breaking: Poles Rule in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo (Mon.), September 05, 2014 BreakingGregorz Nakiewicz and Kryzstof Buras (Poland) take the 2014 Monaco Cavendish Pairs. In today's Final A they managed to stay ahead of Andrew Robson and Tony Forrester from England. In the Ladies Pairs the Tal Sisters from Israel took first prize. EarlierToday the finals are played in the... read more

Italians on lead in Monaco Cavendish

Monte Carlo (Mon.), September 04, 2014 In the Monaco Cavendish Pairs Massimiliano Di Franco and Arrigo Franchi from Italy are on top of the field after 5 sessions. In the Ladies Pairs Meike Wortel and Marion Michielsen from The Netherlands have taken a clear lead. Another female player, Janet de Botton from England, together with her... read more
Janet de Botton (Elisabeth van Ettinger)
Eidi Wins Cavendish Teams

Eidi Wins Monaco Cavendish Teams

Monte Carlo (Mon.), September 03, 2014 Michel Eidi’s team (Michel and Thomas Bessis, Vassili Vroustis), a French-Greek combination, were placed only in ninth position, according WBF ranking. Obviously they deserved much better. In the Monaco Cavendish Teams Eidi led the qualification most of the time and won it comfortably. The second... read more


Monte Carlo (Mon.), September 02, 2014 The Monaco Cavendish is underway. Traditionally it starts with the teams event. After the first day of this small but very strong event two teams are on lead: Eidi (Michel Eidi-Vassil Vroustis, Michel and Thomas Bessis) and Real (Sjoert Brink-Bas Drijver, Andrei Gromov-Alexander Dubinin, Evgeny... read more
Sjoert Brink (Louk Herber)
Gianarrigo Rona

'Broadcasting Discussed in Sanya’

Lausanne (Sw.), September 01, 2014 Further to the matter of internet broadcasting of matches organized by the World Bridge Federation, Mr. Gianarrigo Rona, the President of the WBF, informed NewInBridge as follows:”I can say that the entire matter of broadcasting will be discussed and decided by the Executive Council in October in... read more