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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Giorgio & Wally score 3***

Giorgio & Wally score 3***

Delft (Neth.), November 26, 2014 Practicing their bidding on uBid Giorgio and Wally were proud of their result on board 260, which yielded their first 3*** with uBid. West’s 2NT rebid showed 18-19 HCP, balanced. Over East’s 3D West was at the crossroads. Should he sign off in 3NT or should he present his values in spades? When... read more

Who is to blame, Giorgio or Wally?

Delft (Neth.), November 22, 2014 Who is to blame, Giorgio or Wally?The uBid SessionsHeart game is excellent, but missed by Giorgio and Wally. Who is to blame? Should Wally not have opened a modern style 1NT with a 5-crd Major or should Giorgio have bid 2C, Stayman? Discuss this hand and other uBid board HERE. The uBid Sessions are... read more

Click. Upload. Win.

Beijing (China), November 21, 2014 Click. Upload. Win. The title of the competition being organised by SportAccord before the start of the World Mind Games on 11th December in Beijing, China. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Or in your case, maybe worth a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Just go to SportAccord - it's easy ... and... read more

Giorgio and Wally reach 6C on uBid

Ruurlo (NL), November 17, 2014 The uBid SessionsIt is apparent that 6C is top spot, but with 25HCP not easy to reach.On uBid Giorgio and Wally practice a new bidding system, called Orange Club (Polish Club with inversions). They did well on board 362.1S = hearts. 1NT = 12-14 balanced, 2+ crds C. 2D = gf relay. 2NT = no 3H. 3C =... read more
Giorgio and Wally reach 6C on uBid
Allegra Takes EC Cup Again (Michele Leone)

Allegra Takes EC Cup Again

Milan (It.), November 16, 2014 The 13th edition of the European Champions' Cup is won for the fouth time in a row (!) by G.S. Allegra (Maria Teresa Lavazza (npc), Norberto Bocchi, Massimiliano Di Franco, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, Gabriele Zanasi and Alejandro Bianchedi). In the finals the Italians beat the Bamberger Reiter... read more

World Cup Online Bridge Launched

Rotterdam (NL), November 13, 2014 Bridge Big today announced that they will be the proud host of the 1st World Cup of Online Bridge. Total prize money for the event is set at €25,000 with €8,000 (i.e. 10,000 USD) for the number one. The grand final of the event will be held on February 1st 2015 on and is open to... read more
World Cup Online Bridge Launched
Das Autobahn Takes Madeira Teams (Madeira 2014)

Das Autobahn Takes Madeira Teams

Funchal (Mad.), November 10, 2014 The teams event at the 17th Madeira Bridge Festival is won by Das Autobahn, a German-Scandinavian combi consisting of Dennis Bilde - Mads Eyde, Nedju Buchlev - Sebastian Reim. The team scored an amazing 179.14 VIPs out of twelve matches. The reason of the name of the winning team sofar is secret.... read more