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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Croations take Postojna Open Pairs

Croations take Postojna Open Pairs

Postojna (Slo.), April 16, 2015 Sunday 12th April saw the 38th Postojna open pairs in Slovenia. This lovely tournament is held right next to the world famous Postojna caves. 59 pairs competed over two 16 board sessions followed by dinner and wine. As well as Slovenians the tournament attracts players from Croatia, Italy, Austria... read more

Winners Take It All At Yeh Bros

Shanghai (China), April 13, 2015 China Open – Chen Gang (Coach) Li Xiao Yi, Kang Meng, Hou Xu, Liu Jing, Sun Shaolin, Hu Linlin – has won the 2015 edition of the prestigeous Yeh Bros Cup held in Shanghai, China. In the finals the Chinese team defeated team Red Bull, a Dutch-Chinese combination: Wang Yuewu, Lu Yiping, Sun Yanhui (... read more
Winners Take It All At Yeh Bros 2015
European Maccabi Games

Sabine Auken: bridge is definitely a sport

Copenhagen (Den.), April 08, 2015 The European Maccabi Games (EMG2015) will take place from July 27th – August 5th, 2015 in Berlin (Germany). This important Jewish sports event will take place in Germany for the first time in its history. Bridge is one of the 20 sports included in this event and Sabine Auken will be the bridge... read more

White House Juniors to Sweden

Amsterdam (NL), April 05, 2015 Sweden ( Mikael Rimstedt, Ida Grönkvist, Johan Säfsten and Ola Rimstedt) has won the 23rd edition of the White House Juniors. In the finals (42 boards) the Swedes defeated Poland by 98 to 73. Turkey took the bronze beating Israel in the battle for third place. read more
White House Juniors to Sweden (Elisabeth van Ettinger)
WH jrs-2015 (Elisabeth van Ettinger)

White House Jrs Reach Final Stage

Amsterdam (NL), April 02, 2015 Tomorrow the finals of the White House Juniors are played between the teams of Poland and Sweden. In the semi-finals (42 boards) Poland defeated Turkey White by 150 to 93 and Sweden beat Israel by 93 to 63. It is the 23rd edition of this international junior event which is held in the Netherlands... read more

Weak Stayman on uBid

The Hague (NL), March 31, 2015 The uBid Sessions, bidding by AppGiorgio (left) and Wally discovered a new way to practice bidding on the uBid App: bidding and chatting at the same time! On board 4 they discovered their spade fit, scoring 2 stars. The uBid Sessions are offered to you by NewInBridge. DOWNLOAD the uBid App from the... read more
Weak Stayman on uBid
2nd column by Giorgio Duboin

The Moon of Bourbon Street

Torino (It.), March 28, 2015 Last week Team Lavazza (Bocchi-Madala, Zia-Duboin) won the Vanderbilt Trophy at the Spring Nationals in New Orleans. This great victory inspired Giorgio Duboin to write a new column – his second one – for Neapolitan Club and The article focusses on the brilliancies of his partner... read more