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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Knife Sharpening by NBO’s

Knife Sharpening by NBO’s

Oslo (Nor.) / Tel Aviv (Isr.), August 31, 2015 With regard to the Fisher-Schwartz case at least two National Bridge Organizations sharpen their knifes. The Israel Bridge Federation (IBF)  has announced that a special committee will be created in order to examine the various allegations of irregularities spread by Internet against the... read more

Lorenzo Lauria Waits For Judge

Rome (It.), August 29, 2015 With regard to Boye Brogeland’s initiative to vacate US National titles,  Lorenzo Lauria – member of team Cayne – has released the following statement to Neapolitan Club and NewInBridge: ‘For the time being I don’t intend to vacate our title recently won in Chicago (Spingold 2015). I think we... read more
Lorenzo Lauria (Louk Herber)
Fisher versus Brogeland (Jerry Li)

Brogeland Launches Bridgecheaters

Oslo (Norway), August 29, 2015 Boye Brogeland has launched a new site: where he posts boards played by Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz. So after having announced his willingness to vacate his US national titles Mr. Brogeland, a former teammember of Fisher and Schwartz, has taken another remarkable step. On his... read more

Pandoras Box Explodes

Oslo (Norway), August 25, 2015 Four members of the team that won the 2014 Spingold and Reisinger (Boye Brogeland, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist, and Richie Schwartz) have announced their intent to vacate their titles from 2014-5 that they won with Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz.  Brogeland on Bridge Winners: If you... read more
Pandoras Box Explodes
Mike Passell (Peg Kaplan)

Mike Passell: ‘I Am Not Guilty’

Chicago (USA), August 18, 2015 In the very last Bulletin of the Chicago Summer  NABC a small article caused a huge shock in the bridge world: ‘Report of the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee: Mike Passell, #J622382, was found guilty of violating CDR 3.1 (Laws of Duplicate Bridge), 3.7 (Actions unbecoming a Member... read more

Cayne Takes Spingold in Chicago

Chicago (USA), August 17, 2015 The team captained by Jimmy Cayne (-Michael Seamon, Lorenzo Lauria-Alfredo Versace, Lotan Fisher-Ron Schwartz) has won the Spingold KO Teams at the Chicago Summer NABC. In a 60 board final Cayne defeated Pierre Zimmermann’s Monaco (-Franck Multon, Fulvio Fantoni-Claudio Nunes, Tor Helness-Geir... read more
Cayne Takes Spingold in Chicago (ACBL)
Jack Takes 10th  Computer WC

Jack Takes 10th Computer WC

Chicago (USA), August 16, 2015 Al Levy, second from right, presents the trophy to the winners of the Computer-Bridge Championship: from left, Martin Pattenier and Wim Heemskerk. At right is Yves Costel, runner-up in the tournament. The two most successful programs in the 19-year history of the World Computer-Bridge Championships... read more