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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

2nd column by Giorgio Duboin

The Moon of Bourbon Street

Torino (It.), March 28, 2015 Last week Team Lavazza (Bocchi-Madala, Zia-Duboin) won the Vanderbilt Trophy at the Spring Nationals in New Orleans. This great victory inspired Giorgio Duboin to write a new column – his second one – for Neapolitan Club and The article focusses on the brilliancies of his partner... read more

Lavazza Takes Vanderbilt Trophy

New Orleans (LA), March 23, 2015 At the Spring Nationals in New Orleans the Vanderbilt Trophy is won by Team Lavazza: Zia Mahmood, Agustin Madala, Giorgio Duboin and Norberto Bocchi. The team came from behind in the third quarter and pulled away to win 155-110 IMPs. As runners-up finished Team Diamond: Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson,... read more
Lavazza Takes Vanderbilt Trophy (ACBL)

Diamond v. Lavazza in Vandy Final

New Orleans (LA), March 22, 2015 At the Spring NABC in New Orleans Team Lavazza and the squad captained by John Diamond earned spots in the championship round of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams with impressive wins. Diamond, originally seeded 16th, cruised to a 166-65 victory over No. 4 seed Martin Fleisher. No. 3 Lavazza took care... read more

Assael Did It Again!

New Orleans (LA), March 21, 2015 Team Assael did it again! In the round of 16 of the Vanderbilt, trailing 131-82 after three quarters, Assael outscored its opponents 63-3 in the final set for the 145-134 win. In yesterday’s quarter finals Team Assael, trailing by 40 IMPs with 15 boards to play, won the final set of their match... read more
Bobby Levin (left), Steve Weinstein (ACBL)
Salvador Assael (Istanbul Milliyet)

Vandy enters quarterfinal stage

New Orleans (LA), March 20, 2015 The team known as Assael, honoring a late Turkish bridge player, staged a huge rally in the fourth quarter against the Mark Gordon team to make it to the quarterfinal round of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams at the Spring NABC in New Orleans. Trailing 131-82 after three quarters, Team Assael... read more

Kasle Knocks Out Nickell

New Orleans (LA), March 19, 2015 In the Round of 32 the team captained by Gaylor Kasle, trailing  the top-seeded Nick Nickell squad by 11 IMPs with a set to go, rallied in the fourth quarter for a 94-92 victory in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams. The Nickell team won the event last year. Kasle is playing with Larry Kozlove,... read more
Kasle Knocks Out Nickell
NZ Selections Known

NZ Selections Known

Auckland (NZ), March 18, 2015 New Zealand Bridge has selected its Open, Women and Seniors teams for 2015.  Open and Women teams will compete at the Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Championships in Bangkok and teams have been chosen for all three categories of the WBF championships in Chennai.  The full team lists are... read more