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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Fisher-Schwartz call for WBF investigation

Tel Aviv (Isr.), October 12, 2015 Regarding the bridge cheating scandal Avital Sahar from Israel, the media advisor to Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz, has released the following: ‘Bridge champions Fisher and Schwartz call for a WBF investigation against the perpetrators of the false smear campaign against them. In light of the... read more

Gawrys Does Not Care

Chennai (India), October 10, 2015 Right after his victory in the Bermuda Bowl NewInBridge took the opportunity to interview Piotr Gawrys. Interesting enough Mr. Gawrys stated that he doesn’t care that he will be stripped of his gold medal if his countrymen Balicki and Zmudzinski will be found guilty of cheating. Mr. Gawrys feels... read more
Gawrys Does Not Care
Poland grabs Bermuda Bowl (Elisabeth van Ettinger)

Poland grabs Bermuda Bowl

Chennai (India), October 10, 2015 In a close and very exciting final Poland grabbed the Bermuda Bowl beating Sweden. After 128 boards the result was 307.5 to 293 in favour of the Poles. With only 19 years old Polish Michal Klukowski is the youngest Bermuda Bowl winner in the history of bridge. Soon an interview with his partner,... read more

Gold to France and USA1 in Chennai

Chennai (India), October 10, 2015   At the World Bridge Championships in Chennai, India France has won the Venice Cup and USA1 the D’Orsi Seniors Bowl. In a 96 board final the French women beat USA2 by 156.7 to 142. The match was always close. England won the bronze medal. In their final the seniors of USA1 beat Sweden by 263... read more
France Winner of the Venice Cup in Chennai (WBF)
Ehud Friedlander In Chennai

Ehud In Chennai

Chennai (India), October 10, 2015 Originally Ehud Friedlander and Inon Liran, the World Pairs Champions from Sanya 2014,  were scheduled to play for Israel in India. Due to the Fisher-Schwartz cheating case the Israeli open team decided to withdraw from the Bermuda Bowl. Still Friedlander and Liran are here in Chennai... read more

Marc Chen Loves The Game

Chennai (India), October 09, 2015 Marc Chen is CEO of PD Times, an investment company of South-West China. Mar ics also an avid bridge player, he loves the game, but it should be clean. In our VIDEO he explains why he wants to sponsor bridge. In the PD Times bridge team several world class pairs are playing like Fu Zhong-Jerry Li... read more
Marc Chen, ceo of PD Times
David Gold and Jan van Cleeff

Six Minutes And Twenty Seconds

Chennai (India), October 08, 2015 The semi-finals of the Bermuda Bowl between Poland and England had a dramatic finish. For a long time Poland was on lead but England was fighting its way back. The match was decided on the very last board with a double partscore in favour of Poland. But it was not over yet. Board 4 from Round V... read more