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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

German Appeal

Germans in Appeal

Lausanne (Sw.), April 22, 2014 As to the Bali Coughing Incident it is confirmed that the German Bridge Federation as well as Dr. Elinescu and Dr. Wladow appealed against the decision by the Disciplinary Committee of the World Bridge Federation in Dallas, Texas on March 21 2014. According to the WBF Disciplinary Code the appeal... read more

Les Bleus ready for Opatija

Paris St. Cloud (Fr.), April 21, 2014 This weekend the final stage of the French Team Trials was decided at the headquarters of the French Bridge Federation in Saint Cloud, Paris. Eight pairs played an IMPs competition. The first three pairs qualified for the team that will represent France in the open series at the European Team... read more
French Open team for Opatija EC (Agnès Fabre)
Topic 44, Transfers after a natural 1Club

Transfers after a natural 1Club

Lelystad (NL), April 14, 2014 Transfer bids over notrump openings have been in use for many years. They have two main advantages: placing the contract in the strong hand, and giving responder more ways to describe his hand than without transfers. Around 1980 some Swedish experts started using transfers after a natural 1 opening... read more

Where is the Tax Paid?

Heidelberg (Ger.), April 10, 2014 Further to the discussion started by Nedju Buchlev on Roy Welland representing Germany at the upcoming European Bridge Championships, hereunder is Mr. Buchlev’s final reaction. “Dear Sirs,I have some good news for you of which the best one probably is: this is my last mail to you as I have... read more
Copywright unknown
Yves Aubry (Elisabeth van Ettinger)

Reaction EBL President

Paris (Fr.), April 09, 2014 Today Yves Aubry, the President of the European Bridge League, has sent an email to Nedju Buchlev explaining why Roy Welland is allowed to play for the German open team. quoteMr Buchlev,Some months ago the German Federation sent a request to the EBL about eligibility to play for Germany of Mr Roy... read more

A reaction by Sabine Auken

Copenhagen (Den.), April 09, 2014 Yesterday we published Nedju Buchlev’s objections to Roy Welland’s participation in the trials for the German open team for Opatija. These trials took place in Darmstadt, mid February. In fact Roy Welland together with his partner Sabine Auken won the trials and will represent Germany at the... read more
Sabine Auken (Elisabeth van Ettinger)
Nedju Buchlev (Niko Bausback)

An American in Darmstadt

Heidelberg (Ger.), April 08, 2014 Mid February 2014 at the German team trials in Darmstadt Roy Welland, an American with German residence, qualified with his partner Sabine Auken for the the German open team heading for the European Champions to be held in Opatija, Croatia. German residence? At least one player is questioning that... read more