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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

England, winner of the 2014 Chairman's Cup

England takes Chairman's Cup

Örebrö (Sweden), August 01, 2014 England (David Kendrick, Paul Lamford, Michael Byrne and Mike Bell) has won the 2014 Chairman’s Cup in Orebro (Sweden): They defeated in the final match the team captained by John Solodar (Arne Larsson, Jim Nielsen, Pia Andersson, Håkan Nilsson, Tobias Törnqvist, John Solodar) by 125 – 46. In the... read more

Buchlev for DBV president

Berlin (Ger.), July 29, 2014 The ‘Bali Coughing Incident’ caused some side effects within the German Bridge Federation (DBV - Deutscher Bridge Verband). A political front was born opposing the current President of DBV - and teammate of Dr. Wladow and Dr. Elinescu-, Ulrich Wenning, and some other DBV members for their way of... read more
Nedju Buchlev
Schwartz Swallows Spingold (ACBL)

Schwartz Swallows Spingold

Las Vegas (NV), July 28, 2014 The team of Richard Schwartz (-Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist-Boye Brogeland, Lotan Fisher-Ron Schwartz) has won the Spingold KO Teams at the Summer NABC in Las Vegas (NV). In an exciting final Schwartz defeated Pierre Zimmermann’s Monaco (Zimmermann-Multon, Helness-Helgemo, Fantoni-Nunes) by 142 to... read more

Cliffhangers In Quarters

Las Vegas (NV), July 26, 2014 The semi-final matches in the Spingold KO Teams at the Summer NABC in Las Vegas (NV) feature clashes between multi-national powerhouses. Team Lavazza captained by Giorgio Duboin will take on Pierre Zimmermann’s Team Monaco, while in the other bracket Team Assael led by Antonio Sementa will face... read more
Dr. Entsho Wladow (Elisabeth van Ettinger)

After The Lausanne Ruling

Lausanne (Sw.), July 22, 2014 After the Ruling of the Lausanne Appeal Committee dated July 16th, 2014 whereby the AC confimed the ban from play against Dr. Entscho Wladow and Dr. Michael Elinescu as initially stated in a Hearing by the WBF Disciplinary Committee in Dallas in March of this year, the WBF gave us further... read more

Grand Nationals Teams to Coren

Las Vegas (NV), July 21, 2014 Yesterday two national events were decided at the Summer NABC in Las Vegas (NV). The Grand National Teams Championships were won by District 9. Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Michael Seamon, Richard Coren, Kevin Bathurst, Kevin Dwyer and non-playing captain Jodi Coren defeated in the finals Team... read more
2014 Grand National Teasm Winners
Patrick Grenthe (EBL)

French President Wins Deauville Pairs

Deauville (Fr.), July 21, 2014 In bridge, like in most sports, it rarely happens that a board member of a national sport organization is a top player at the same time. France however is the exception. Patrick Grenthe, the President of the French Bridge Federation, has several big senior titles in his name, amongst others a... read more