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Daily Bridge News | Conventions by Eric Rodwell

Sjoert Brink (WBF)


Sanya (China), October 22, 2014 Thursday October 23rd 2014 is an all important day at the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya, China. On that day the finals will be played in three sections: Open (Rosenblum), Women (McConnell)  and Seniors (Rand Cup). In the Open semi-finals Monaco won against Diamond (83 to 70) and... read more

Friendly and merciless

Sanya (China), October 21, 2014 Bridge is equal to each other sport when it is about players’ attitude to competition. At the table, they are as friendly to each other as merciless to the bidding and play problems they face with. At the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya, China, board #23 in the Open Teams KO phase of 16... read more
Agustin Madala (Louk Herber)
Louk Verhees jr (Elisabeth van Ettinger)

Four Spades-of-the-Day

Sanya (China), October 19, 2014 The team championships at the Red Bull 14th World Bridge Series in Sanya, China enters its third day. In the open teams section most of the usual suspects did qualify for the Round of 32. The women and the seniors play a full round robin; the top eight will play in the knock-out phase, beginning on... read more

Teams have taken off in Sanya

Sanya (China), October 18, 2014 The teams have taken off at the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya. So far South-Africa (Apteker-Bosenberg, Eber-Gower) has taken the lead in the Open series. When play is over on the Sunday in the Open Team section the first 27 teams of Final A and the first 5 teams of Final B will... read more
Lavazza: Bocchi-Madala vs Cayne: Lauria-Versace (Marc van Beijsterveldt)
Zhao-Sanborn (Jerry Li)

Sanborn-Zhao Win By A Landslide

Sanya (China), October 17, 2014  The gold medal in the Mixed Pairs at the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series is won by Kerri Sanborn and ‘Jack’ Jie Zhao. The American-Chinese combination won the title by a landslide. Their margin to the runners-up - Meike Wortel from The Netherlands and Jacek ‘ Pepsi’ Pszczola from Poland -... read more

Salvo Wins World Title Mixed Teams

Sanya (China), October 15, 2014 The first title has been decided at the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series. Team Salvo (Marion Michielsen-Zia Mahmood, Sabine Auken-Roy Welland and Anita Sinclair-Nafiz Zorlu) has won the gold medal in the World Championship Mixed Teams. In a close final over 54 boards Salvo defeated Geely... read more
Salvo scoring (Marc van Beijsterveldt)
Jeffrey Polishner (WBF)

‘Medals Must Be Forfeited’

Sanya (China), October 15, 2014 As to the decision on October 13th, 2014 by the Executive Council of the World Bridge Federation to strip Germany of the world title in the seniors’section (in relation with the Bali Cheating Case) NewInBridge asked the General Counsel of the World Bridge Federation, Mr. Jeffrey Polishner, for an... read more