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Delft (NL), October 7th, 2016

Dear NewInBridge Friend,

We are writing to you to inform you about some big changes within NiB.

Launch of new uBid 2.0
First of all, we are very excited to announce that we are about to launch a highly improved and new version of our bidding app, called uBid 2.0.
uBid 2.0 will not only offer a flawless bidding experience, improved scoring functionality, more than 3,000 (and counting) brand-new hands, but also an advanced e-learning tool tailored to players from all levels. Keep on reading since we have a special opportunity for some of you at the end of this email.

End of sales and support of current uBid versions
Second, since uBid 2.0 is a much more modern version (and compatible with iOS 8-10 and Android 4.1-6.0) than the current uBid versions (1.3 and 1.2.1), these older versions will cease to exist shortly after the launch of uBid 2.0. This means, that all current uBid users will have to download the new version in order to be able to keep on bidding.

Change of
Third, due uBid 2.0, we decided to change the format of substantially. Therefore, the NiB website will soon undergo a complete change of its look and feel. You can see a sneak-preview of the new site under Other services, such as News, uTour and selling third-party products such as Jack, will no longer be offered. This applies also to the Topic Collection. No worries though; Topics will remain available in a different format. We will keep you informed on all of this through our newsletter.
The NewInBridge team is looking forward to the exciting times ahead of us and we hope that you will keep supporting us as you have in the past.

Yours sincerely,

Helmer Wieringa
Product Development NewInBridge